Break The Chains

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Time Line Therapy®
Five Major Emotions
Release Trapped Emotions In The Body



The emotional chapters of your past have a direct impact and influence on your present life and how you perceive the future, therefore by removing the limiting or negative thought patterns or beliefs that are preventing you from being where you want to be and feeling how you want to feel we will create a completely different outlook on your future.

This process will work on releasing the negative emotions attached to any person or event and I will go through the following emotions listed below with you one by one and guide you through this process o we rewire the feeling and emotions around your past which allows the new future to evolve in a way you have never seen before.




“The past can’t hurt you anymore. Not unless you let it. They made you into a victim, Every. They made you into a statistic. But, that’s not the real you. That’s not who you are inside.” – Alan Moore, V for Vendetta


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