Life Class®

$1,700.00 $1,500.00

Specializing in Youth Mentorship – 15-21 Yrs

8 Week Online Coaching Course

1:1 Coaching & Group Interaction

Limited to 10 individuals per Group



Guiding Youth in Life Skills for the Real World.


Course Info:


Life Skills for the Real World is a course that is customized with strategies and learnings which will guide the youth of today though this fast paced and ever evolving world.


The pressure and expectations on the younger generation have been very different to times of the past and most of the youth and young adults of today are misunderstood.


Covering key topics every week we work through step by step the essential Skills needed in the world of today.

Course Guide:

Week 1: Mindset  – Setting the pillars within for a solid mind.

Week 2: Health – With a healthy mind you need a healthy Body.

Week 3: Goal Setting – The keys to an Achievable Outcome.

Week 4: Friendships and building your Inner Circle of Support.

Week 5: Money – Learning how to manage your needs and wants.

Week 6: Meditation – Creating a state of peace and personal power.

Week 7: Social Media – Managing the comparing and expectation feelings.

Week 8: Pay it Forward – The Gift in Giving


You will see a whole new perception of what’s possible in life and have essential skills to guide you in creating a life you desire


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