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A “Gift from Me” See how I guide my clients to achieving Amazing Results in Buying & Selling in WA.

How Can I help YOU?

As you know, a real estate purchase represents one of, if not the biggest financial transaction of your life.

So being sure of what you are doing, understanding the process and having the right information at the right time is definitely something that can help keep your stress levels under control.

The truth is, not everyone is cut out for the process… and having control of your stress is probably on your wish list at best.

Over the years I have taken part in hundreds and hundreds of property transactions.

  • I’ve seen just about every pitfall you can imagine
  • Continuously negotiated the balance between buyer and seller
  • Searched out and unearthed the most fair and equitable deal
  • Been fortunate enough to break sales records
  • Seen properties sell for far more than I expected

And… made some lifelong friendships with some of the most generous and authentic people in Perth.

How did I make these friendships?

Well, I simply made it my mission to reduce and manage the stress in all transactions.

Now I could only do this by being completely versed in the process and immersing myself in it every single time. That’s what I consider being professional is.

And it’s a big win for you because I’m in there boots and all, right beside you at every milestone moment.

To say I love my job would probably only scratch the surface.

But you know… its people like you who make my day.

Every day I engage with sure minded, courteous and virtuous people who conduct themselves with integrity and truth. People who have a desire to live with quality, in surroundings like City of Perth has to offer.

And here’s the thing…

My years of experience have taught me a thing or two.

What sellers value most

People just like you have told me what they value most in our dealings. Here’s the top 6…





I expect that these traits will be high on your list of requirements too.

It would be my great delight to help you with your next property transaction. My wish for you is that this process will be as smooth and stress free as possible. And if I do my job right, that will be the outcome.

My promise to you is to always be available. If you need any clarification or have questions which you need answered, just call.

It would be my honour to work with you.

My Real Estate Story

From the time I set foot in the marketplace I made it my business to help people.

The fact that I have made a career out of helping people to realise their dreams is a feat which I often marvel at.

I just love seeing people reap the rewards of their success. It is such an energising way to fill your days.

I remember as a kid, watching from the sidelines as my Mum would manage what appeared to be a very flexible working life. In fact there were times when I thought she actually didn’t work at all. She was always there for me whenever I needed her.

I discovered later that she managed her time in such a way that I was at school during her work hours.

She did it so well that her work was invisible to me.

It was only in my adult life that I discovered just how busy she was, trying to be present for me as much as she could and at the same time, put food on the table.

And what a great job she did because I was moved to follow in her footsteps.

After being in the industry a while I began to notice that very few people really trusted it. But with a focused determination I discovered that if you conduct yourself with integrity, your reward is meeting people who are genuinely happy to trust and work with you.

This has shaped much of the way I interact with people these days.

You see, I have always been driven by balance. This causes me to constantly look for a fair and equitable outcome.


Because it is in these experiences that both buyers and sellers feel they have been given good service. And when you get good service, you will most likely tell others about it.

Why is it important that you tell others about your experience?

Well, this is a referral driven business. If you have a good experience, the chances are other people you know will want that same experience. And when they are ready they will ask you who it was you dealt with.

So it’s my sincere hope that you will be sharing my name with your friends when they ask.

Who knows, perhaps they are looking for some support or assistance. As much as I’m here for you, I’m here for them too.

What My Clients Say

Word From My Clients

“On behalf of myself and my wife, I’m am pleased to report that the help and guidance from Moses was beyond reproach, and we would highly recommend his services in every way. Thank you, Moses. Keep up the good work. And we appreciate your input during our new property purchase and settlement.”

Brian & Fain | Dalkeith | $1,750,000

Word From My Clients

“It was a pleasure to have Moses mediate our property purchase. We were absolutely impressed by his professionalism and support extended to us. We would be happy to trust Moses with any future property dealings that we do. ”

Rashida Hakeem | Subiaco | $907,860

Word From My Clients

“We found Moses to be thoroughly professional and extremely dedicated to his job. Every detail was attended to and he conducted himself with integrity and transparency. His affable personality made him very easy to deal with and we would not hesitate to highly recommend him.”

Helen | Cottesloe | $1,125,000

Word From My Clients

“Moses was such a gentleman throughout the entire process and I was absolutely thrilled. Every time the house needed to be opened, he was more than happy to assist.”

Shirley | Claremont | $5,000,000

Word From My Clients

“Every aspect related to buying and selling a property. We have found Moses most courteous, professional, knowledgeable and attentive to every detail in a very calm and reassuring manner. He made the process much easier and enjoyable. Compared to many property deals we had over the past 15 years these were the easiest and clearest ones. We thank Moses for his very effective contribution. ”

Sanaa & Danne | Claremont | $4,100,000

Word From My Clients

“Moses was always available and we appreciated the manner and professionalism that he went about his business and dealing with our property. His personal touch of hand delivering a gift after settlement was very impressive! Thank you!”

John | Mount Lawley | $2,400,000

Word From My Clients

“I found Moses to be most professional all aspects of the purchase of my property. Moses is both very through and has a keen eye for detail which made the whole experience feel seamless. I would highly recommend Moses to all.”

Julian | Nedlands | $1,510,000

Word From My Clients

“Moses was very helpful and efficient as a liaison person between us and the vendors. He addressed issues promptly.”

Katariina | Nedlands | $2,515,000

Word From My Clients

“We were very happy with Moses when he sold us this house. All the best.”

Elizabeth | City Beach | $1,850,000

Word From My Clients

“Moses was the most professional and helpful agent we have ever had the privilege to deal with. We have so much to thank him for. He made the process of selling so much easier for us down how to ready for the sale and organise ourselves following the sale. All the best Moses.”

Moira | Subiaco | $907,860

Word From My Clients

“We found Moses to be very polite, helpful and professional. He responded to our requests promptly. ”

Kay | Dalkeith | $2,300,000

Word From My Clients

“Moses worked with Celia and myself in the marketing of Unit 1, 255 Adelaide Terrace, Perth (Manhattan Towers) in a slow market for inner City apartments. Moses was very professional throughout the process, always punctual and well presented for all open house viewings. He was thorough in following up interested parties in a very competitive market and was successful in securing an offer and sale of the property.”

Henry & Celia | Perth | $703,000

Word From My Clients

“Our contact with Moses occurred during the final property inspection appointment before handover.

Moses was courteous and very professional with his detailed explanation of how appliances and fittings worked.

He dealt promptly with our list of concerns through effective liaison with the vendor and the settlement was completed smoothly and on time. Thank you Moses. ”

Mary Bishop | Crawley | $1,100,000


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